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How We Work: Our Partners

Across the world, we work in partnership with other organisations to stop the institutionalisation of children. We work together to help build the global movement that’s needed to put an end to institutional care and replace it with a care system that upholds children’s rights.

The organisations we work with include: national governments, civil society organisations, international agencies, human rights bodies, institutional and private donors, the faith community, academia, practitioners and committed individuals.

Together we have a unique opportunity to sustain the momentum and generate a global groundswell of commitment to achieve long-lasting change. This is without question the most effective way to achieve the deepest impact.

Why working with partners is so important

As a catalyst, our concern is to achieve systemic change by helping to shape and influence policy, service delivery, budgeting systems and structures so that we can deliver a wider and deeper impact faster.

“Our partnership with Hope and Homes is really helpful for us because it’s a long-term partnership, so we can have a vision, we can plan for the long-term, and we can have a stable team.”

Sumantra, Child in Need Institute (CINI) India

There is an urgency to what we are seeking to achieve because orphanages are a threat to the well-being, development and protection of children. So, it is important that we find ways to accelerate reform wherever we can. Equally, we cannot achieve reform on our own. So, we engage, support and develop collaborations with like-minded organisations, especially those that are able to extend the coverage of reform and widen the impact of what we do, enabling them to become catalytic in the environments where they operate.

Working in partnership with other NGOs, as well as with local and national authorities, we have made a major contribution over the years to reducing the number of children in orphanages and promoting childcare reform

Our national partner organisations