Buddhi Maya's, who we helped through our programmes in Nepal, tomato farm in Kavresthali

Project Partners: Forget Me Not

Since 2018, we’ve been working closely with our implementing partner Forget Me Not (FMN)—a leading INGO in deinstitutionalisation and child protection in Nepal

About Forget Me Not 

Forget Me Not’s experience of transitioning from an orphanage funding model to a family reintegration model has enabled them to develop strong alliances and enhance cooperation among organisations, businesses, and networks. Their credibility and long-time cooperation with the Government of Nepal has contributed to increased confidence and recognition in the importance of implementing reintegration and prevention programmes in the country. 

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How we work together 

In 2019, we launched a strategic project to leverage political will and appetite for deinstitutionalisation in Nepal by building on the substantive gains made by the Government of Nepal, and FMN – who had already closed 11 smaller institutions across the country. The project helps create a model of transition of children into family care and a model of family strengthening, gatekeeping and suitable alternative care for social welfare actors, donors, and communities to reduce the use of institutions. 

Tika's story

Like so many children from Humla, Tika had been taken from his family by traffickers. For a high fee, they promised his parents that he would be well cared for and educated in an institution in the city. Instead, he was taken to an orphanage, where he survived alone for two years, neglected, abused and exploited to elicit donations from tourists.

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