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Project Partners: Child in Need Institute (CINI)

We’ve been partners with Child in Need Institute (CINI) in India since 2017. Together, we strengthen child protection mechanisms, set up community services and connect children and families with the support they need to prevent separation. 

About CINI 

CINI is an Indian non-government organisation, working with and for poor and marginalised children in India. For more than 40 years, they’ve been supporting disadvantaged children and women to improve their health, nutrition, education and protection. They do this through partnering with local communities as well as central and state government and national and international donors.

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Why we partnered with CINI 

CINI already offered a wide range of child protection services across India. They were working closely with the child protection sector and state governments, who play a key role in delivering programmes to support children. They’d shown their commitment to strengthening families. Thanks to them, many communities had better access to education, health services, and vocational skills, and had developed their child protection skills. 

How we work together 

By combining CINI’s positive track record and relationships with communities and government departments, and our technical expertise, we can strengthen CINI’s ability to continue developing alternative care systems

We work across two districts in the Jharkhand State (Ranchi and Khunti) to strengthen the formal and informal child protection mechanisms, establish and support community services, and link children and families to support schemes to prevent separation. We’re working with two institutions directly, and another five through district government departments, to make sure they successfully reintegrate children into their families and to help transform their services.

Our impact

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'safe spaces' established in Ranchi and Khunti, providing a range of community services

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professionals trained or given technical support

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vulnerable children kept safe at home with their families

Through our work, there has been a drastic reduction in the amount of time children spent in institutions. The average stay in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) was reduced from a stay of over 12 months to an average of 3-4 months 

With extra support from Oak Foundation, we’ve also been able to provide over 24,000 people with Covid-specific relief services, in the form of community-based health desks.

We’ve also supported the development of a tracking app for vulnerable children with increased risk of separation from their family due to the impact of Covid. 

Jacinta's Story

Jacinta is a little girl who loves to learn. But when her family could no longer make ends meet, she had to leave school and earn what little she could, cleaning houses. Working for strangers, at just ten years old, Jacinta was in great danger of being exploited by her employers or trafficked as a domestic slave or a sex worker. That's when our partners, CINI, stepped in.

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