Vasilica and Ecaterina are finally reunited with their mother thanks to CCF Moldova and are cared for and loved dearly.

Project Partners: Child Community Family (CCF)

We’ve been working in partnership with Child Community Family (CCF) in Moldova since 2005.

About CCF Moldova 

CCF Moldova was founded in 2004 by 4 teachers and a doctor. Since 2005, the organisation has represented Hope and Homes for Children in Moldova. Together, and in partnership with the central and local authorities in the country, they are working hard to eliminate orphanages and replace placement centres with family-based alternatives and community services.

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How we work together 

Together, and alongside other NGOs, we have made a considerable contribution to changing legal frameworks, funding, and public commitments. We have also helped increase the efficiency of the child protection system by providing training for relevant professionals. Thanks to our work, they are better informed, and empowered to act within the legal framework in the best interest of children. These professionals have become a real shield of protection for vulnerable children.

We are currently focusing our work on reducing the number of children aged 0-6 in institutions. We are on course to eradicate institutional care for children under the age of three in the coming years. On top of this, we will continue to influence childcare reform efforts in the country.

Our impact

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orphanages closed

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out of Moldova's 35 counties have actioned reforms because of our work

Mihai's story

Mihai was separated from his family because they had nowhere to live and the authorities believed he’d be safer in an institution. Working with CCF Moldova, we made it possible for Mihai to be reunited with his mum, Valentina, and his baby, sister, Amelia.

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