Families. Not orphanages.

Orphanages do not protect children. They harm them. We are working towards a day when every child can grow up in a loving family.

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  • Damaging

    Children in orphanages are often subject to high levels of abuse and neglect. They live in a world without love. The impact of this can last a lifetime.

  • Unnecessary

    There are 8 million children across the world confined to soulless orphanages. Over 80% of them are not orphans. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Unwanted

    Orphanages deprive children of their voice, giving them no say or control over the decisions that affect them. We give children what they want and need most – a stable, loving family.

  • Thank you

    Thanks to your support we are now able to influence change in almost 30 countries around the world including, for the first time, in India and across Latin America.

    Even as we grow, we never forget our history. Which was why we all celebrated when we received agreement to close the Bjelave orphanage in Sarajevo, the institution that moved our founders, Mark and Caroline Cook, to create Hope and Homes for Children in 1994.

    Your support has helped to transform many children’s lives.

    Thank you.


In numbers

Every child wants a safe, loving family to grow up in. But over 8 million children confined to orphanages around the world are denied this, with often catastrophic effects.

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A global movement for change



Hope and Homes for Children is working towards a day where every child can grow up in a loving family. We know we will only achieve this by working with others. Through our partnerships with national governments, civil society organisations, international agencies, corporate donors and committed individuals, we are helping to build a global movement that will eradicate orphanages in our lifetime.




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We’re inspired by the courage and resilience of the children we work for. Read their stories here:

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Hope and Homes for Children is at the forefront of a growing global movement to eradicate orphanages globally. Catch up on our latest news here:

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  • A family at last for Bogdan and Alex
    Bogdan and Alex are the best of friends. They have a lot in common. Both boys were abandoned as babies and, until recently, the only home they had ever known was a loveless Romanian orphanage.
  • Lemn Sissay MBE presents our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal
    The writer and actor Lemn Sissay will present our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal on Sunday October 1st at 7:54am and 9:26pm, and again on Thursday October 5th at 3:27pm.
  • Fresh air and sunshine at last: Dima’s story
    Dima is an outgoing 13-year-old from Moldova who takes an interest in other people and the world around him. For most of his childhood though, no one has taken any interest in him. Because he has multiple disabilities, Dima has spent most of his childhood confined to an orphanage and denied the chance to learn or develop. Now though, Dima is starting a new life in a Small Family Home where he will be cared for as an individual and encouraged to achieve his true potential.
  • A little help goes a long way
    Gergana is nine years old. She lives with her mother, Ivanka and her younger brother, Boris, in a town in the South of Bulgaria. Their flat has only one bedroom and very little furniture but they are safe and they are together. After all that they've been through in recent months, that is what counts.

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You are about to do something amazing. The money you donate will transform the lives of children around the world and bring us closer to a day where every child grows up in a loving, stable family. Thank you.

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