Children leaning on the bars when it's time to go home at an inclusive Community Hub in Gatsibo District, Eastern Province, Rwanda, in June 2022.

Where we work Kenya

Although we don’t run programmes in Kenya, since 2016 we’ve been involved in national advocacy initiatives to support care reform efforts.  

Why we work in Kenya

Kenya has over 45,000 children confined to children’s homes. Recently, the country has embarked on a care reform process that aims to reduce reliance on institutional care, prevent separation of children, and strengthen family and community-based care.  

What we do

Share expertise

In 2018, Hope and Homes for Children facilitated a learning visit for Kenyan government officials to Rwanda. In 2019, the HHC Rwanda team was invited by the Kenyan government to hold a workshop with UNICEF and government officers in Kenya involved in the implementation and oversight of a pilot project on implementations of the Guidelines for the Alternative Family Care of Children in Kenya. The workshop included an in-depth case management training on prevention/gatekeeping and the transition from institutional to family and community-based care. 

Support the government to reform care and child protection systems

Since 2020, and alongside UNICEF, Changing The Way We Care and other stakeholders, HHC has been supporting the government of Kenya in the development of key guidelines and toolkits for care reform. A major output has been the National Care Reform Strategy which has been finalised and is awaiting launch. The strategy will thrive to ensure all children in Kenya live safely, happily and sustainably in family and community-based care where their best interests are served. 

Work with regional partners on care reform

In addition, in November 2016, Hope and Homes for Children, Vision Africa, Child in Family Focus and nine other organisations, representing seven countries across Africa, became founder members of the Transform Alliance Africa.