A child's hand being held by an adult's hand

Our Values

Our values are excellence, courage and integrity. They determine how we approach the delivery of our strategy and execution of our plans. They bring our culture as an organisation to life and help us to provide all those we interact with and who support our work to have positive dealings with us. Most of all, they reflect our experience of how children want us to be.


The children we exist to serve deserve nothing less than excellence in our performance, thinking and approach in pursuing their best interests. It is through our commitment to excellence in all our activities that we drive forward with the belief that we can succeed, and cultivate the innovation and creativity required to find more effective ways of achieving our mission. We excel at what we do and our staff are relentless in their pursuit of excellence.

“All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

Martin Luther King Jr

Excellence must be our normal. We will measure our commitment to excellence by the quality of our work, which in itself will be determined by the improved care and protection that children receive.


Is the foundation of our commitment to holding ourselves and others accountable to the interests of children. Through our integrity we are transparent in our dealings with children, their carers and all those who support our work. Having integrity requires us to base our work on evidence and therefore ensure the highest levels of performance excellence. As a team, integrity helps us to trust and respect each other and so fosters a supportive, friendly, and productive working culture right across our organisation.

What we say must be what we do. Our commitment to our values, which will be defined by our conduct, must be wholly consistent. In this way we will forge trust and confidence in what we do and what we are seeking to achieve. It will define our reputation and mark us out in a way that will feed our credibility so that others will listen to us, follow us. And this will fuel the momentum we build toward global change.


Our mission is ambitious and we will need courage to achieve it. It is courage that gives us the confidence to commit to the long-term process of transforming child care and protection, and to inspire change in others wherever and whenever necessary.

Courage is the basis upon which we strive to ensure that love is at the heart of the care and protection of the children we exist to serve. Our values of excellence and integrity will not be gained on easy terms: we will need courage to secure these terms.

There will be those in positions of power who will threaten and intimidate us because we will stand against the violation of the rights of the children we exist to serve, and because of our efforts to secure their entitlements.

There will be many who will tell us that we cannot succeed. And when we face difficulties, we will be tempted to believe them. To see our strategy through to its end will take courage. Our reach, our impact, and our capability to change the world will shrink and swell in direct proportion to the courage we show.