Fundraising Complaints Policy

1. Introduction

As an organisation committed to fairness and transparency we have set out the following policy in dealing with complaints about the organisation.

2. Definition

Complaints are defined as those concerning anything about our activities. It includes complaints from individuals, from organisations and from members of staff.

The policy also encompasses the Fundraising Complaints Policy which, as members of the Fundraising Standards Board, and being committed to high standards in fundraising, we are following. The Fundraising Complaints Policy follows the same ethos but has a slightly different process.

3. Procedure

3.1   Contact wants to make a complaint.
3.2   The Complainant should be asked to put the complaint in writing either on hard copy or e-mail.
3.3   If necessary the recipient should take the details of the complaint and these should be confirmed to the complainant in writing.
3.4   Complaint is forwarded, for recording, to Head of Supporter Care.
3.5   Head of Supporter Care records the complaint; keeps a copy of the complaint and details the investigation.
3.6   The complainant is acknowledged, by the Head of Supporter Care within 48 hours and advised of the charity’s policy.
3.7   The complainant is advised of HHC’s response within 30 days.

4. Other Information

a)     Monitoring
The SMT will monitor this policy and ensure, with the Head of Supporter Care that it is being carried out accordingly. Where an employee has a concern with the method used for handling this process he or she should, in the first instance, talk to their Manager. Employees who feel they have a grievance should refer to HHC’s Grievance Policy and Procedure.

This policy will be reviewed by the Head of Supporter Care on a three year basis, or earlier if required.

b)     Communication
This policy and procedure will be communicated to all employees through the HR Portal.

Key Contact

Joe Sutton, Head of Supporter Care, [email protected]
Hope and Homes for Children
East Clyffe
01722 790111