Camilla Otto

Camilla is an international development professional who has devoted her career to work with development aid questions and with the international development community. A Swedish national, Camilla has worked in the UN system (UNDP, UNIFEM, UNESCO) with the European Commission in Brussels and for the British Government in its Development Ministry (Department for International Development).

She has held numerous positions and worked on strategy and policy development across the globe; implemented development projects in Africa and Asia; negotiated on aid and trade issues in various international fora like the WTO, the UN, and the EU; and built and led teams in various institutions. Her career has taken her to work with projects and partners in many places across the globe with a focus on Africa and Asia.

At present, Camilla is a Director for Donor Co-Financing at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in charge of mobilising and managing donor funds for the Bank and maintaining relations with the Bank’s donor community. She lives with her family, including two children, in London.