Joseph’s Story

 Joseph with his foster family

Joseph was born with cerebral palsy and abandoned as a baby. He was taken to an orphanage and spent most of the first nine years of his life, lying in a cot or on the floor, unable to move.

No one cuddled him, played with him or sang to him. No one believed he had a future. He was fed liquid food through a tube. Kept alive, nothing more.

But when Hope and Homes for Children closed the orphanage where Joseph lived in, we found a wonderful foster family to care for him. We provided his new parents, Faith and Albert, with the training they needed, we invested in their home to make it suitable for Joseph and we supported them to welcome him into their family.

Today Joseph can sit unassisted, look around and eat normal food with the rest of the family. His foster sisters have helped him to learn to turn the pages of picture books with his feet. Joseph has a cheeky sense of humour and he makes his family laugh. Their nickname for him is “Blessing”.

Our work in Rwanda proves that all children, whatever their needs, can lead fulfilling lives if they have the love and protection of a family.

Our dedicated social workers, alongside our partners at Childs i Foundation, will work with individual children, tracing their families and giving them the support they need to become a family again. Where this isn’t possible we will find and train specialist foster families who can give children the love and security they need to thrive.