Hope and Homes for Children finalise another orphanage closure in Botoșani, Romania 

A portrait of a little boy smiling. He is part of one of the families we are supporting in Romania

We are pleased to announce that we have finalised another institution closure in Romania! 

All 35 children who had been in the orphanage are now safely back with their families, placed with new families through foster care, or moved into smaller, more supportive group homes. These family and community-led care alternatives will help the children thrive – away from the harm orphanages cause. 

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The 12 young adults who had also been in the orphanage have transitioned to living independently, helped by a new support service, a ‘Transit Centre’,  we set up in Botosani.  

The Transit Centre is the first support service for young people leaving the care system in the county. The Centre gives young care leavers support and assistance, as well as accommodation and counselling in order to support their transition into independent living. 

This is our 40th direct orphanage closure in Romania and the 95th closure globally.  

We’d like to thank our local partners in Botoșani – the local Child Protection Department – who helped to achieve this success. 

We’ll continue to fight to reform care systems around the world and dismantle orphanage-based care systems for good.

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