21 November 2018

“Somewhere in the mountains of Nepal were mourning parents who thought their children were gone forever”

How one former orphanage volunteer learned the truth about orphanages

Like many before her, after time spent volunteering in an overseas orphanage, Andrea Nave, wanted to do more to improve conditions for the children she had met in Nepal. Again, like so many well-meaning people, she believed the answer was to help fund and run an orphanage. But a shocking revelation about the true identities of the children in her care changed her mind and the course of the organisation she founded.

Read Andrea’s story here:

Andrea’s journey from orphanage volunteer to anti-orphanage activist echoes our own history.

Hope and Homes for Children was set up in 1994 by Mark and Caroline Cook to help rebuild the main orphanage in Sarajevo after the Bosnian war. Their dream was to create a network of well-run homes for orphans worldwide. But by listening to the children that they met, Mark and Caroline came to see that this was the wrong approach. When asked what they really wanted, every child said the same thing: ‘Please, please find me a family.’

Today Hope and Homes for Children is at the forefront of a global movement to eliminate orphanages by supporting children into loving families and preventing family breakdown.

In 2018 we began work in Nepal in partnership with Forget Me Not, the NGO founded by Andrea Nave, to reunite children from orphanages with their families and end child trafficking into institutions.