30 August 2019

We are delighted to welcome Mariana Dahan as an Ambassador for Hope and Homes for Children


Hope and Homes for Children ambassador, Mariana Dahan


Originally from the Republic of Moldova, Mariana is a global leader in Blockchain technology and CEO of the World Identity Network (WIN). She will be using her experience in digital technologies to advocate for Hope and Homes for Children on a global scale, raising awareness of our mission and amplifying our message with key influencers and leaders across the globe.

Mark Waddington, Hope and Homes for Children’s CEO, said: “It is a pleasure and a privilege to appoint Mariana Dahan as an ambassador for us. I am very grateful to her for having the confidence and commitment to Hope and Homes for Children to take on this responsibility.”

Mariana has visited Hope and Homes for Children projects, including vulnerable families in Moldova, whose children were in danger of being placed in orphanages. She also witnessed the support provided to families by CCF/HHC and the positive impact this had on children’s lives. During Mariana’s first year with us, she raised $8,800 which was used to buy two houses for two families supporting nine vulnerable children.

In response, in May last year, Mariana organised an event that raised more than $10,000 in support of CCF/HHC Moldova’s work. She is now fundraising again, this time to help build a new house for a large family at risk of separation.

Mariana said: ” … when I started working with Hope and Homes for Children, I was sure that together we can make a real difference to children’s lives. With Hope and Homes for Children I know exactly how I can help and how I can be part of the change. Their work inspires me every day.”

Mariana is keen to engage global philanthropists to our cause and says: “…my definition of a billionaire is a person who has managed to positively impact a billion lives – not just made a billion dollars.”

You can read more about Mariana here.

About CCF/HHC Moldova

CCF/HHC Moldova represents Hope and Homes for Children’s work in Moldova and offers assistance and support to the Moldova Government in reforming the residential child care system. Since 2004 they have transformed the lives of over 5192 children. To read more about our work in Moldova click here.