03 April 2019

Hope and Homes for Children’s Founder, Mark Cook, on BBC Radio Wiltshire with Nick Hewer


Mark and Caroline Cook, Hope and Homes for Children’s founders, in Sarajevo

Hope and Homes for Children’s founder Mark Cook, yesterday interviewed for BBC Radio Wiltshire, tells us the history of the charity he and his wife Caroline founded 25 years ago. What today is a recognised international charity, working to reform child care systems around the world, started on a farm in Wiltshire!

Nick Hewer, best known as Lord Sugar’s right hand man on The Apprentice, took over BBC Radio Wiltshire yesterday morning as part of the station’s 30th birthday celebrations. This June marks Nick’s ten-year anniversary as patron for Hope and Homes for Children. Over the years he has visited several of our overseas projects in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa, presented fundraising films and helped to spread awareness of our work to end institutional care through the media.

Interviewed for the programme, Hope and Homes for Children’s Founder, Mark Cook, explains how he and his wife, Caroline started the charity in Wiltshire 25 years ago. As a British Army officer during the Balkan war, Mark saw so many children being orphaned and abandoned that he decided to leave the army to repair and build orphanages.

One day, in Sudan, Mark met a little boy in the street and asked him what he most wanted. The answer was a family. Then Mark asked a second, crucial question, about what a family and a home are like. The boy’s simple answer  completely changed the course of Mark’s history. His reply was “love.”

In response, Hope and Homes for Children changed its mission from building and repairing orphanages, to getting children into loving families. This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary: a major milestone marking two and-a-half decades of projects in Africa, Europe, South America, India and Nepal.

Mark Cook in Romania

To listen to the entire interview on BBC sound follow this link (skip to 2hrs 29mins).

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