28 March 2019

Allen & Overy’s fundraising campaign raises £423k for life-changing programmes

Allen & Overy’s first fundraising initiative of the year, “First Hour, First Day” campaign has raised an incredible £423k!

The money raised will go toward funding two life-changing programmes in India and Nepal. “We are extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the success of Allen & Overy’s First Hour First Day campaign for Hope and Homes for Children. Thank you to everyone who donated, I’m grateful for your incredible support.”

In September 2018, Hope and Homes for Children were selected by 2,500 global Allen & Overy’s staff across the world to be their Global Charity Partner. Our two year global partnership with the international law firm began in November 2018. The goal of the partnership is to raised £1,000,000 over the next two years to help us tackle a hidden global crisis: every year thousands of vulnerable families in Nepal and India are deceived into giving up their children into an abusive orphanage system where they are exploited. A&O’s support over the next two years will enable us to rescue children from Nepalese and Indian orphanages and reunite them with their families. Allen & Overy aims to support Hope and Homes for Children’s wider programmatic and advocacy work as well, taking us closer to achieving our global ambition of ensuring every child across the world grows up in a loving family.

“First Hour, First Day” campaign: the first fundraising initiative

Allen & Overy’s first fundraising initiative of the year, their “First Hour, First Day” campaign – where people across the firm donated either the first hour or first day of their 2019 pay to Hope and Homes for Children – has raised an incredible £423k! The money raised will go toward funding two life-changing programmes in India and Nepal. Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children’s Director of Programmes and Advocacy, says:

“A&O’s funding will not only support children transition from orphanages to family and community based care, but will help Hope and Homes for Children work catalytically across India and Nepal for the reform of the child protection and care systems in both countries.

All children have the right to a family life – this partnership will help us to inspire, further down the line, a region wide commitment for the elimination of institutions across Asia, as well as strengthen our work around the world. You are helping us change the lives of thousands of children globally.”

Over the next two years, Allen & Overy’s support will help an estimated 400 children transition out of institutions and into family-based care, and prevent 4,000 children and their families from separation through community level interventions.

Jacinta’s Story from our work in India: “If I am educated, I can do anything I want”

“One day I would like to be an engineer,” Jacinta says with a grin. But just a few months ago, this would have been an impossible dream. Jacinta had dropped out of school to help her family earn enough to support her. She was at great risk of being sent to live in an orphanage, to keep her safe from the traffickers who prey on young girls in Jharkhand in India, where she lives. Behind the high walls of the institution, she would have been denied the love and individual attention she needs to develop and thrive. Cut off from her family and community, she would still have been at risk of abuse, from the older children and staff. Instead, your generosity means that Jacinta’s family now have the income they need to keep her with them. She can grow-up as part of her community, not shut away in an orphanage. The encouragement of her peers and staff at the Child Friendly Space you’ve helped us to establish near her home, means Jacinta now has the confidence and guidance she needs to catch up on her studies and focus on a brighter future.

Read Jacinta’s Story at this link.

When we met Jacinta at the Anandshala Child Friendly Space, she’d put on her favourite dress to have her picture taken; a happy, confident little girl whose ambition to become an engineer now doesn’t seem such a distant dream at all.

Catalysing change

Institutional care has devastating consequences for children: denying them a voice and taking away their right to grow up in a loving, protective family environment. We are playing a catalytic role in the eradication of institutional care globally. Read more about our work at this link.