08 May 2017



A Hope and Homes for Children superhero

MORE than 5,800 real life “superheroes” were given the power to prevent kids being abandoned to orphanages in 2016 – according to figures in our new Impact Report.

If each of our newly trained volunteers and professionals work with 50 children while putting right the wrongs of orphanages, they will go on to benefit 290,450 children.

By training professional child protection workforces in eight countries, we help governments to transition from orphanages to family-based care, as well as support desperate parents on the verge of giving up their children.

Camelia is one of our most prolific real life superheroes. She’s helped to close five notorious orphanages in Alba County, Romania, in just four years – making the district orphanage-free. Along the way, she’s saved hundreds of young lives.

“I love seeing how children smile when they move from orphanages into families,” said Camelia.

“And by offering simple solutions to struggling parents in their hour of need, I have the power to keep families to together.”

If you’d like to know more about volunteering or working for Hope and Homes for Children in the UK, then please visit our work with us page or contact Karen.Short@hopeandhomes.org