04 February 2019

2018 – A Year of Achievement

Mark Waddington, Hope and Homes for Children’s CEO, reflects on 2018 as he defines it “a year of achievement”.

Looking back at 2018 I feel immensely proud of what has been achieved here at Hope and Homes for Children.

  • We have closed 6 institutions.
  • We have worked on 39 closures throughout Europe and Africa.
  • We transitioned 632 children out of institutions and into a safe and loving family.
  • The prevention work we have delivered has benefited 32,900 children.
  • We trained 7,588 professionals who will go on to improve the services they are involved in delivering and even influence policies that in turn will benefit more children.

All these statistics represent individual children and their families – children who might otherwise have suffered the consequences of institutionalisation, including isolation and neglect, and a debilitating loss of hope.

Behind the scenes our advocacy team have won hard fought-for agreements with governments and local authorities across many countries. They are now committed to reforming whole child care systems. And we’ve continued to reach out to other organisations, persuading them to work alongside us to deliver on these commitments.

We secured funding for a new EU funded project started in Sudan, and new programmes in India and Nepal through our new partnership with Allen & Overy.

We have won a clutch of national awards for our work, and have been chosen by Boodles to run their Boxing Ball in 2019. And we had our 20th anniversaries in Romania and Ukraine.

We ran some incredibly successful events too: from the St. James’s Place Triathlon, Swapping Seats and our annual Carol Concert, through gala dinners and marathons in Bucharest and Chisinau, to a high level British Embassy hosted event in Sarajevo.

We Thank Our Supporters

Our supporters have ran marathons, scaled mountains, cycled immense distances, hosted balls, dinners, sporting events, and even donated their birthday money. The list is too long and generous to include everyone but I want to thank our supporters everywhere for your amazing support in 2018.

YOU are the ones who make a difference to the lives of children who are now living with the love and protection of a family because of it.

YOU are the ones helping us to achieve our aim of eventually making orphanages an UNACCEPTABLE way of looking after children.

Here’s to an amazing 2019!

Mark Waddington CBE (CEO – Hope and Homes for Children)