15 June 2017

Hope and Homes for Children reaches 100 orphanage closures milestone

Home of Mercy 100th closure

We are delighted to announce that this week we have reached a significant landmark, completing our 100th orphanage closure.

The Home of Mercy in Kigali, Rwanda has closed its doors for good and the children living there have been placed in family-based care in the local community.

Children in orphanages are often subject to high levels of abuse and neglect. Without family to care for them, or friends to play alongside they live in a world without love. Reaching 100 orphanage closures is a significant achievement and represents thousands of children saved from institutional care and placed in loving families.

Closing orphanage buildings and placing children in families, however, is just part of what we do. The 100th closure also symbolises many thousands more children prevented from entering institutional care in the first place through our work with governments to tackle the root causes of family breakdown.

The learning we have taken from the 100 closures over the last 23 years has given us the knowledge, expertise and reputation to have an even broader impact. We have influenced and compelled child protection reform across many countries by informing legislation, setting national reform plans with governments, training tens of thousands of social workers and practitioners and helping local and national governments formulate budgets that will pay for systemic, sustainable change.

No other organisation has reached this milestone. The breadth of learning and practice we have developed places us at the heart of a growing global movement, acting as a catalyst for the eradication of orphanages.

And the momentum is building. During our first 23 years we delivered 100 closures, but the rate of closures is rapidly increasing and we are working concurrently on 50 more closures. Our partnerships with organisations and governments are expanding and we are working in a growing number of countries across the globe.

There is much work still to do, but the completion of the 100th orphanage closure is an opportunity to celebrate the thousands of children and families whose lives have been saved or transformed. It is also an opportunity to look ahead with confidence to the day when no child suffers institutional care.