Making a global impact

Hope and Homes for Children’s work has:

  • Transformed the lives of over 1.1 million children since the launch of our strategy in 2013, and demonstrated the closure of 105 institutions across nine countries
  • Demonstrated and documented the process of deinstitutionalisation (DI) in a range of different socio-economic and political contexts and provided evidence that DI transforms children’s lives
  • Contributed to the development of national child focused social workforces, including the development of training and mentoring programmes
  • Demonstrated the cost effectiveness of child protection reform and its impact on state budgets
  • Increased the capacity of other NGOs to engage in DI and work collaboratively to achieve systemic reform

As a result of this pioneering work deinstitutionalisation is gaining momentum globally. There is broader understanding of the importance of transitioning from institutional care to family and community based care. Child protection reform is an ascending policy priority for national governments and international agencies. Increasing amounts of funding are being made available by multi-lateral organisations and aid agencies to cover the costs of transitioning from an institutional to a family based child protection system.

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