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Childhood should be the time we make some of our happiness memories. Those of us fortunate enough to have grown up in loving families may remember birthdays surrounded by family, cakes and presents. Most importantly, we felt special. For children growing up in orphanages, birthdays are no different to any other day. Sometimes these children don’t even know the date they were born. There is nothing to celebrate and no one to celebrate with them.

Pledge your birthday, wedding, anniversary, Eid celebration or any other special occasion by asking for donations instead of gifts and help ensure all children have something worth celebrating: a loving family.

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"When friends and family asked us about what to give us as a wedding gift, we loved the idea of asking guests to donate to Hope and Homes. It really brought people together, helping to raise awareness of a great cause that was important to our family."

"I decided the best gift I could give on Mother’s Day was a donation in memory of my amazing mum who I lost a few years ago. Mum and Dad showed me the true meaning of a loving family, and so to help pass that on to other families was all I could wish for."

Pledge ideas

Pledge your birthday

Pledge your birthday this year so more children can celebrate theirs surrounded by the people who loved them the most.

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Pledge your wedding day

Asking guests to donate instead of buying gifts is a wonderful way of celebrating love on one of the happiest days of your life.

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A loving tribute

Ask for donations instead of flowers at a loved one’s funeral, or share with your family your funeral wishes. This heartfelt tribute and celebration of life will ensure your loved one’s memory will live on through the lives of the families their generosity has supported.

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Celebrate an anniversary

You can pledge your retirement, a jubilee wedding anniversary or any date that marks an occasion for you to help us keep families together so they can celebrate their own occasions.

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Celebrate a new arrival

Help us ensure more new families get the chance to grow up together by asking for donations instead of gifts as you welcome a new baby into the family.

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Celebrate any occasion

Mother’s Day, Diwali, Ramadan or Christmas –pick a celebration and ask for donations instead of gifts to help keep families together.

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