What is a Community Hub?

A thorough census of local circumstances and standard of living enabled us to develop Community Hubs in very deprived communities, to support service delivery and enable us to scale up the impact of our interventions.

The Community Hubs are resource centres for the entire community, sustainable at local level and providing specialised services as required. Programmes for young children, time off for parents and carers, vocational and adult learning for young people, a place to meet for support groups for people living with HIV and Aids, for community meetings, recreational activities for children and young people and delivery of other services like: health checks, vaccinations, health trainings, pre-school education. Gardens of Nutrition provide fresh vegetables for the participants in the programme and for other people identified by the community.

Community Hubs are set up in partnership with the local authorities, usually built with volunteer work and on a donated piece of land. Volunteers are involved in day-to-day activities and a manager is recruited and trained to run the centre. Authorities are invited to deliver services from the premises if this is appropriate and to contribute towards the running costs.