Ukrainian children share their Christmas Dreams

The war in Ukraine has torn families apart and turned children’s lives upside down. But it has not stopped their power to dream and to hope for a brighter tomorrow. We asked some of the children we’re supporting to think of their ‘Christmas Dream’. This is what they shared with us.

An end to war

My name is Katya and I dream that the war will end. On the 23rd of February I planned to go to school tomorrow. But the war has broken all my plans. I got up at 6 o’clock and did not realise what was happening. We went to my grandma at once. When the rocket hit the first time I was very afraid. At 22:30 there was a first siren and we spent all night in the shelter. It was very cold and wet there. My grandma, my father and I asked to go away from Bila Tcerkva (a little town near Kyiv), but my mother did not agree. When the rockets fly I do not notice anymore. I want this war to end sooner. Glory to Ukraine.

Katya, 8, from Bila Tzerkva town, central Ukraine
A child's drawing of their Christmas dream - peace in Ukraine
A young child draws their Christmas dream – peace in Ukraine.


We are a family from Ukraine. We live in a picturesque town called Bila Tcerkva. We dream that Christmas in our country and in our family will be peaceful. That all members of our family will be together around the holiday table. We dream that all defenders who defend the peace and the quiet of Ukraine will return to their homes alive and healthy. We dream about peace, quiet and grace.

Svyatoslav, 6, from Bila Tzerkva town, central Ukraine

A dream about home

I dream that there will be peace in our country. Moreover, I dream that I will celebrate next Christmas in a free and peaceful Ukraine. I dream that all the children will be alive and healthy in their homes. Glory to Ukraine.

Andriy, 9, Ukraine
A Ukrainian child's drawing of their Christmas Dream
A Ukrainian child’s drawing of their Christmas Dream

A dream for sunshine and peace

My name is Maryna, I’m 9 years old. I live in a little town Bila Tzerkva. I dream that the sun will shine always and that the war will never be.

Maryna, 9, from Bila Tzerkva town, central Ukraine

A dream for kindness and love

My Christmas dream is victory, peace, kindness, Ukraine, gladness, love.

Veronika, 5 years old, from Hostomel city, northern Ukraine

Honouring children’s dreams

I don’t know about you but these really touched my heart. There is something so moving and powerful about seeing hope for the future through a child’s eyes. Unfortunately, the war is not the only threat.

Without urgent support, families struggling to survive freezing temperatures and the huge surge in fuel costs could risk losing their children to loveless institutions.

We may not be able to bring an end to the war. But we can help ensure families can be ‘together around the holiday table‘ this Christmas – by supporting families to make it through the winter and avoid orphanages at all costs. We can help ensure that children are ‘alive and healthy in their homes‘, by helping parents cover essential costs like food, medicine and heating. And we can show ‘kindness and love‘ – by providing counselling support to help children and parents process their trauma and find solutions to their challenges.

A donation from you could help make a child’s Christmas dream a reality, and keep their family together – through war, through winter, and beyond. Please give whatever you can. Thank you.

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