For every two Covid deaths, one child becomes a covid orphan.


These children are falling to the bottom of everyone’s list, but not ours.

Sonia, one of the children we have helped, playing with her friends



The global covid pandemic is an emergency for the children and families we work with – so far, the virus has robbed nearly two million children of the mothers, fathers or grandparents who cared for them. With families stretched to breaking point, millions more children now risk losing their loving homes to the neglect and abuse of an orphanage.


As countries plan their recovery from covid, vulnerable children are being forgotten. At risk of hunger, homelessness, exploitation and being placed in orphanages. They are at the bottom of everyone’s list. But not ours. With your help, our social workers won’t have to turn away another desperate family.

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Your gift will help ensure that struggling parents won’t have to resort to sending their children to orphanages.

  • £45

    Sonia, one of the children we helped, reading a book

    could help cover the costs to identify a child or family at risk of separation




    A father cradling his disabled son and while his daughter leans on his shoulder

    could help a vulnerable family stay together when they face challenges like poverty, disability or discrimination


  • £90

    One of our local support workers speaking to a woman with a child

    could pay to train local professionals and volunteers on alternatives to orphanages




    A mother with her son on her shoulders

    could help us identify, train and support loving, committed foster parents to give a child a safe home and family of their own.

  • £113

    A child smiling

    could help us monitor and provide follow-on support to a family we’ve managed to keep together



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Where does your money go?

Read stories of some of the children and families we have helped.


  • Covid stole Sonia’s father. Then it nearly stole her childhood too.

    Sonia, 11, lives with her mother, baby brother and grandfather in Jharkhand State, northeast India. In May 2021, her father Ravi died from Covid. Since her father was the sole breadwinner, the family were plunged into financial crisis.

    Read how we kept Sonia in school, and out of an orphanage.


Why donate now? 

The need to protect children from orphanages has never been more pressing.  

A quote saying "In over 25 years I have never known it so bad. Child protection systems run by local authorities are beyond capacity. Families struggling due to Covid are facing breakdown and family separation. Hidden problems like domestic abuse are being ignored." Our Director of Global Programmes, Stefan Darabus

We must act now to ensure these children are protected and not forgotten.


Our frontline teams continue to work hard, in incredibly restrictive conditions, to:

  • maintain communication with children, families and orphanage staff to understand their greatest needs and provide the best possible support.  
  • keep vulnerable families together by providing essential support like food,
    clothes and heating. With the basics taken care of, parents won’t have to surrender their children to orphanages in the hope they will eat this Christmas.
  • Enable communities to identify children at risk of entering orphanages when one or both parents have died from Covid, and connect their families with the support they need to stay together. Where this isn’t possible, we unite children with other family members who can love them, or build new relationships with dedicated foster parents. 
  • keep up the pressure on the international community, including the EU and national governments, to fund care reform and prioritise children in the long term.

Make children top of your list

Whatever you can afford, your generosity this Christmas will help us ensure that children like Paul do not end up neglected and alone in an orphanage, but instead surrounded by the loving arms of their mother, father, brothers and sisters.

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Please donate now and put children at the top of your list this Christmas. 

Sonia, one of the children we have helped in India, smiling