Growing up together: Gloria’s story


Gloria is 10 years old and the eldest of four girls. She loves to play with her younger sisters, Reveca, Elena and Maria. Without the support of Hope and Homes for Children though, it’s very likely that Gloria and her sisters would now be living in an orphanage, separated from each other and from their mother, Rada.

Rada grew up in hardship and poverty, neglected by her parents and then abandoned by her partner but she is determined to give her own children a better life.

When we first met Rada and her daughters, they were living in a dilapidated property with no regular income. Rada knew that, despite her best efforts, her daughters were at risk of being sent to an orphanage where they would grow up neglected and vulnerable to abuse, denied the love and emotional security of a family.

Our specialist social workers in Moldova could see that Rada was a loving mother who was doing all she could for her daughters and so we began working with the family to help them to stay together. We built them a new house where they can live safely and helped Rada to obtain the identity documents she needed to access social support, a school place for Gloria and nursery places for her sisters.

Today, Gloria is doing well in class and Rada glows with pride when she talks about her daughter’s achievements. She makes sure that Gloria goes to school every day and she encourages her to study because she knows that education is the key to her children’s future.

The work of Hope and Homes for Children in Moldova is focused on developing services to prevent babies and young children from being separated from their families and admitted to orphanages that threaten their development, their well-being and their life-chances.