The Breadsticks Foundation

The Breadsticks Foundation has supported Hope and Homes for Children for more than seven years, achieving far-reaching impact. For example, in supporting us to pilot the first institution closure in Rwanda and build the capacity of the national social workforce, they played a key role in kick-starting national reform. This has given thousands of children the opportunity to grow up in families instead of damaging, institutional environments.

Most recently, the Breadsticks Foundation chose to make a multi-year commitment towards core programme funding, enabling us to use their funding where it will achieve the greatest impact and respond with agility to new opportunities around the world.

In 2015 Beatrix Payne, Chairwoman of the Foundation visited our programme in Sudan:

“It was impressive to see how closely the Sudan-based HHC team was working with local social services, police, healthcare services, other NGOs and national government to build a circle of support around the children as well as their foster/adoptive families."