Report: Opening Doors for Europe’s Children

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Lessons learned and recommendations to strengthen families and end institutionalisation for children in Europe

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Author: Hope and Homes for Children, Eurochild, International Foster Care Organisation, International Federation of Educative Communities Europe
Date: January 2020
Themes: Opening Doors, Europe

Based on the information gathered throughout the course of the Opening Doors campaign and from the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children National Coordinators, this final report first reflects on the rationale for the campaign and how it operated (part 1). Part two discusses the progress towards child protection system reform across campaign countries as well as the developments at the EU level, while highlighting some key contributions of Opening Doors throughout the years. The report does not attribute all the signs of change to the campaign, but rather provides an overview of the contributions made and progress achieved. Finally, drawing on the lessons learnt from the campaign, the report ends by presenting some final recommendations to the European Union (part 3).