Position Paper: Joint Recommendations for the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child

Jacinta, one of the children who was able to stay with her family thanks to our partners, Child in Need Institute India

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Author(s): Lumos, Hope and Homes for Children
Date: July 2020
Themes: European Union, Child Rights Strategy

The upcoming EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child that the European Commission intends to publish in 2021 presents a unique opportunity to further mainstream children’s rights, and more specifically to strongly reaffirm the EU’s commitment to the transition from institutional to family- and community based care for children across its internal and external policies and instruments. In order to effectively protect the rights of all children and implement the 2019 UN Resolution on the Rights of the Child, the vulnerable and often invisible group of children living in institutions or at risk of being institutionalised must not be forgotten in the strategy.

This paper contains joint recommendations on how to include children’s right to family – and community-based care in the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.