Report: Preventing the separation of children from their families in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Report cover showing a young Bosnian boy's smiling face

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Author(s): Hope and Homes for Children
Date: April 2012
Themes: Bosnia and Herzegovina, ACTIVE family support, preventing family separation

Systematic recourse to institutional care is a reality in large parts of Central and Eastern Europe. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is no exception.

Institutions are terrible places for children to grow up in. Today there is consensus that institutional care is simply not compatible with a human rights-based approach, it does not serve the best interest of the child and does not recognise the unique needs of individuals.

This report details the development and outcomes of ACTIVE Family Support, a model of intervention aimed at identifying and supporting children at risk of being separated from their parents and preventing their institutionalisation. The approach is an integral part of our deinstitutionalisation model.