Hope and Homes for Children has been operating in Rwanda since 2002, successfully working on a number of family and community based initiatives. Since 2010 we have been supporting the Government of Rwanda in the eradication of institutions throughout the country and on the development of a national child protection system that minimises family separation and provides family-based alternatives when necessary.

Over the last seven years, working closely with the Government of Rwanda, we have helped build a strong national social workforce, assisted with the closure of 13 orphanages across the country including Rwanda’s oldest and largest institution Orphelinat Noel de Nyundo and helped transition over 1,300 children into families and communities. We achieved this through the development of a range of community based services including 8 community hubs, 175 child development networks and the development of family-based services like foster care and community based living for children and people with special needs. In total we have successfully worked with over 55,000 children and their families. We are currently in the process of closing one further orphanage.

Over the years, over 13,300 participants benefited from our training programmes across Rwanda, and were equipped with the knowledge and skills to support the deinstitutionalisation process.

In Rwanda, we are working in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, UNICEF and other national partners, to ensure all children will be safely transitioned into families and communities with access to health, education and jobs. We will continue working closely with the government and civil society in the development of policy, service standards and national action plans to underpin and consolidate reform of the child protection system.