Hope and Homes for Children has been working in India since 2016. From 2017, together with our local partner CINI (Child in Need Institute), we have demonstrated how child protection systems can be developed, focussing on two targeted districts of Jharkhand State – Khunti and Ranchi.

Children in Jharkhand State are at particular risk of violence and separation from their families, with the UN identifying a significant threat of child-trafficking. Girls are at particular risk of child-marriage and violence whilst boys can often find themselves forced into fighting in the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency.

We have worked with two institutions directly, and another five through district government functions, to transform their services. Our project has not only strengthened the government and civil society systems to enable care reform, but also created links with national stakeholders, increasing knowledge and political will to implement care reform. By end of 2020:

  • 2,953 vulnerable children were prevented from family separation
  • 351 children (Ranchi) and 77 children (Khunti) were reintegrated from Child Care Institutions (CCIs)
  • Over 900 professionals received training and technical support
  • The average stay in CCIs was reduced from a stay of over 12 months to an average of 3-4 months

Through our partnership with UNICEF, we have held consultations in 9 states to help them start developing care reform approaches. We have also provided technical support to 687 government officials and CSOs representatives.