Jill Chapman – Income Processing Officer

Before I joined Hope and Homes for Children seven years ago, I worked in banking and then as a Teaching Assistant working with children with special needs.

When I first applied for a job here I was completely sold by the passion in the organisation and the way they treated their supporters. One of our greatest strengths to this day is the way we value our supporters; the way we communicate with them and the personal ‘thank you’s’ we send them – they are all part of recognising our supporters as part of our family and part of the movement to end orphanages.

I work in what could be considered a ‘backroom’ role that doesn’t necessarily grab attention, but I really believe everybody – our staff, volunteers, supporters – all play our own important part in the process. I pride myself on being meticulous and organised because when all the donations come in from our generous supporters, I make sure they get to the right place.

It’s so important that children grow up with the love of a family.  When I think ahead to the day the last orphanage closes its doors for good I know I’ll feel immense pride to have been part of it. And I’ll feel the same sense of huge relief that you’d get if you’ve run a marathon, or climbed Kilimanjaro, or built a house, or finished decorating a room or whatever it is; relief that it’s over, but pride that it has gone well and you’ve completed it.