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Hope and Homes for Children is a global expert in the field of deinstitutionalisation. By closing institutions, supporting children into loving, stable families and working with governments to tackle the root causes of family breakdown, we are working towards a day where orphanages have been eliminated for good.

Global impact

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How we work

Hope and Homes for Children is working alongside governments and civil society organisations in over 30 countries to dismantle orphanage-based care systems. Our transformation model is driving reform and laying the foundations for long-lasting change.

  • Political Will

    We work with political leaders to create the environment for comprehensive and sustainable reform.

  • Know-How

    Through pioneering closures and training of child protection professionals and policy makers we build know-how in country.

  • Social Workforce

    We work with governments and civil society organisations to build a strong, educated national social workforce.

  • Resources

    We create the right conditions for multilateral funders to invest in the transition to family-based care systems.

Children’s stories

We’re inspired by the courage and resilience of the children we work for. Here are some of their stories.

  • Carrol’s story
    On UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities we bring you Carrol's story: “We used to be distressed, wondering how our child was being treated in the institution but now we are quite sure of how he is treated because he is in our hands.”
  • To escape her violent marriage, Galina faced an impossible choice
    On this day we bring you Galina's story: Faced with the terrible dilemma of having her children sent to an orphanage if she left her violent husband, her courage and determination meant that she is now able to bring her children up within the love and safety of a family.
  • A foster family story from Bosnia and Herzegovina: “Alex will always be a part of our family”
    In the 15 years he spent  growing up in an orphanage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alex never knew what it meant to feel safe. He had three meals a day but he was always hungry for love. He now lives a loving foster family.
  • Haris’s story from Bosnia: a happy childhood with his mum and sisters
    Growing up with his older sisters to love and protect him, baby Haris is never likely to be short of playmates, cuddles or helpful advice. But without the courage and commitment of his mum, Esmeralda, this happy childhood would have all too easily been stolen from him.

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