13 January 2019

The Family Marathon: A brand new event from Hope and Homes for Children

Over the last few years, people have been telling us about a dilemma they often face. They like the idea of doing something to help support their preferred charity, but feel conflicted because it inevitably means spending time away from their families.

At Hope and Homes for Children we started to wonder if we could organise an event that would be good for families, and good for the children we exist to serve.

We’re delighted to say we’ve found a way. We’re calling it The Family Marathon.

Taking place at Victoria Park on Saturday 29 June 2019, The Family Marathon will be an unforgettable day where hundreds of family teams—made up of parents, children, relatives and friends—run the combined distance of a marathon between them. Each runner in a group can do as many laps of a one-mile loop as they want, and when the combined total reaches 26.2 miles, the family team cross the finish line together to celebrate. Thousands of people will get to enjoy a lively pop-up village in the middle, and the friendly, exhilarating atmosphere.

When your family runs together, you’ll help families stay together.

With your support The Family Marathon will become a global beacon of hope for every child confined to an orphanage and in urgent need of a family. Get yourself sponsored so that every mile you run raises vital awareness and funding for Hope and Homes for Children.

Get your family together for the long run: follow this link for more information and to sign up today.