19 November 2018

Six orphanages closed in 2018: You Made it Happen!

Veniamin Costache, Romania. The first of six orphanages closed by Hope and Homes for Children this year

Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our supporters, Hope and Homes for Children has closed six orphanages around the world so far this year. Thank you.

Your contribution is vital because orphanages do not protect children; they harm them.

No institution, however well-meaning, however well-resourced, can give a child the individual love and care that’s vital for their development and well-being.

But your support this year means that the gates to three institutions in Bulgaria, two in Romania and one in Moldova are now shut for good.

And because of you, the 266 children and young people who were struggling to survive alone in these damaging institutions, are now living in loving family environments or have the support they need to build independent lives.

In September 2018 the Yambol institution in Bulgaria closed when the last child left to join a family. Georgi was one of those children and you can read his story here.

But closing orphanages and finding families for children is only part of what you support has allowed Hope and Homes for Children to achieve this year.

Most children who live in orphanages have families who could care for them if they had the right support. Instead, poverty, disability and discrimination mean parents are forced to make the impossible choice to relinquish their children to institutions.

That’s why we do more than closing down orphanage buildings alone. During the course of each closure programme, our teams on the ground around the world  work tirelessly to strengthen families and establish local services that protect children without resorting to institutions.

In this way, each orphanage we close helps to inform, inspire and drive wider reform.

This year, your support made this happen, bringing us closer to our vision of a world where children no longer suffer institutional care.

Thank you.