29 March 2017

My life, my voice

My life, my voice

My name is Norbi, I’m 16 years old and I live in Romania.

Last summer Hope and Homes for Children invited me to take part in a project called ‘My life, my voice’  to find out what ‘being safe’ really means to children and young people.

It was an amazing experience! More than four hundred of us aged between 4 and 28 took part. We came from 8 different countries and all kinds of different backgrounds. Some, like me, lived in Small Family Homes, some still lived in institutions and some lived with their own families or foster families.

I got to know a lot about children’s rights and I got to share what I’d learned and to hear what other children thought. It was good to see how happy they were that they were being listened to and that someone cares.  It was an honour to be able to discuss being safe with other children around the world and I really enjoyed the fact that we agreed all the way.

Hope and Homes for Children have promised to take our opinions seriously and review the way they work in the light of what we had to say. We made a short film about our project and you can watch it here:

And this is only the beginning for ‘My life, my voice’!  This year we’re going to be working on some ‘keeping safe’ products for children including a workbook, a comic strip competition, a colouring book and a child-friendly version of Hope and Homes for Children’s child protection policy … all of which we will share when they’re ready.

It’s never too late change something that isn’t right. Fight for children, fight for their rights, fight for hope!

Thank you.