02 October 2017

Missed it? Listen to our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal again this week


If you missed our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal yesterday fear not – it will be broadcast again on Thursday October 5th at 3:27pm (FM 92.4-94.6, LW 198).

And if you can’t wait that long, you can listen again online here until Sunday October 8th. You can also click on the film below.

Any donations you make by 27th December 2017 will be doubled by the UK Government as part of its UK Aid Match scheme. Just click here to give.

The voice of our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal, renowned writer and actor Lemn Sissay, said: “I know what it means to grow up without the love and protection of a family, so I’m thrilled to present Hope and Homes for Children’s BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal.

“I hope the broadcast will raise plenty of funds and awareness for the eight million children growing up in the silence within orphanages across the world today.”

For more information about our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal follow @Hopeandhomes on Twitter or visit our Facebook page.

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