20 July 2018

Harm that orphanges inflict on children with disabilities highlighted ahead of summit

Joseph spent his earliest years, neglected and alone in an orphanage. Now he has a foster family to love and protect him.

The increased risk posed to children with disabilities by orphanages will be in the spotlight ahead of the first ever Global Disability Summit in London next week.

The event, which is co-hosted by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), together with the Kenyan Government and the International Disability Alliance, takes place on Tuesday and aims to galvanise the global effort to address disability inclusion in the poorest countries in the world.

The Summit will be led by people with disabilities from the UK and the global community and attended by heads of state, government ministers, United Nations agencies, civil society organisations and CEOs of private sector companies. Hope and Homes for Children will be among the NGOs taking part and has been very active in the lead-up to the event.

Ahead of the main summit, we will continue to highlight the plight of children with disabilities who are confined to orphanages around the world through our participation at a special Civil Society Forum on Monday.

Children with disabilities are at higher risk of being abandoned to institutions than other children and are more profoundly affected by neglect, abuse and even early death once they enter the orphanage system. In fact, children with disabilities are 100 times more likely to die in institutions than those without.

The UK Government is already funding Hope and Homes for Children through UK Aid Match to support children out of orphanages and into family-based care services in communities, including children with disabilities. This includes our pioneering work in Rwanda to complete the first closure of an institution specifically for children with disabilities by supporting children to return to their families, to be fostered, adopted or live in community-based care.

We believe that all children, whatever their needs, should grow up in families, not orphanages. We are calling on world leaders, funders, companies and individuals attending the Summit in London to support alternatives to orphanages that will enable all children to thrive in families.

Joseph’s story shows how our work is making this possible. https://www.hopeandhomes.org/story/joseph/

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