08 July 2021

A journey for children’s rights: Joint reaction to the new EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child

On 24 March, the European Commission adopted its first encompassing EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, aimed at mainstreaming children’s right throughout all of its work. Alongside 23 organisations, we outline our joint recommendations for how to make this Strategy a success for all children.

Logos of the 23 organisations who have joint together to create the recommendations

Hope and Homes for Children welcomes the new EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, aimed at mainstreaming children’s rights throughout all of its work, as an important step on the journey for children’s rights.

We are particularly pleased with the European Commission’s recognition that all children are equal and its acknowledgment of children as active citizens and agents of change playing a leading role in society. We also welcome the Commission’s efforts to ensure that the Strategy was developed in consultation with children, as well as the creation of child-friendly versions of the document.

In order to make sure the Child Rights Strategy truly becomes a success in the years to come, and benefits ALL children, it is essential that children and civil society organisations representing children play an important role in its implementation.


Click here to read our joint reaction to the Strategy and recommendations for the future.


The new Child Rights Strategy demonstrates the EU’s long-term commitment to protect children, keep families together and condemn children’s institutions to the history books. But this is just the beginning. It is crucial that we now step up our collective efforts to ensure its implementation, and make this commitment a reality for children around the world.

Read Hope for Children’s individual response to the EU’s new strategy here.