06 November 2017

European Union must champion the reform of child protection worldwide

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Hope and Homes for Children has released a new report calling on the EU to support child protection reform beyond its own borders.

The publication, Putting Child Protection and Family Care at the Heart of EU External Action, has been developed in partnership with Lumos, the international organisation founded by JK Rowling.

Our joint report draws attention to the issues around the institutionalisation of children and calls on the EU to champion the reform of child protection and care systems as a human rights priority, not just within its own borders but around the world.

The publication sets out key recommendations to ensure that the EU supports children and families throughout the world, allowing them to thrive.

Globally, an estimated eight million children live in orphanages and other institutions but more than 80% of these children are not orphans. They are separated from their families because of poverty, disability or discrimination. More than a century of research from around the world shows that orphanages do not protect children, they harm them because children who are deprived of loving parental care are at risk of lifelong physical and psychological damage.

In the  report, Hope and Homes for Children and Lumos call on the European Union to guarantee that all relevant EU external policy initiatives and instruments prioritise the best interests of children in institutions, children in alternative care and children at risk of being separated from their families.

Many other organisations have contributed to and endorsed the new report including ERIKS Development Partner, CBM, Help a Child, European Disability Forum, Eucord Network, Light for the World, Tearfund Ireland and Child Pact.

The European Union has already taken leadership in recognising and tackling the institutionalisation of children and has sent a strong message to its Member States to act.

Now it is essential for the EU to apply those same principles worldwide.

Read our joint report here

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