29 March 2018

Another orphanage consigned to history


Closed. Vratsa orphanage, Bulgaria

We are delighted to announce the closure of the Vratsa orphanage in Bulgaria. Thanks to the hard work of Hope and Homes for Children team and our partners there, the last two children living in this building have now left to join safe and loving families.


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Kalyon and his twin sister, Maria spent five months in the orphanage. Pictured today with their parents, Tanya and Ivan, and their older brother, Hristo

When twins Kalyon and Maria were born, poverty and ill health meant their parents were in crisis. The authorities decided to take the babies away and place them in the Vratsa orphanage. They spent the first five months of their lives there, denied the love and attention that is so crucial to children at every stage of their lives but especially in their earliest years.

The twins’ parents, Tanya and Ivan, were distraught. They were determined to get their children back. Hope and Homes for Children in Bulgaria worked with local partners to give the family the support they needed to get back on their feet and make it possible for Kalyon and Maria to come home.  

Today our Regional Coordinator in Vratsa, Margarita Andreevska, says this is a family that ‘give and get endless love.” Two years on, Kalyon and Maria’s mother, Tanya still tells Margarita, “I had lost my children but you found me and stood by me and now I have my children back and I am giving them my whole heart.”

Hope and Homes for Children in Bulgaria is working closely with the Government to implement an action plan to close all children’s institutions and replace them with family-based alternatives by 2025.