20 November 2017

Ben, Bryan and Billy

Triplets RESIZE

On Universal Children’s Day, we celebrate the story of Ben, Bryan and Billy, triplets saved from a life in an orphanage.

When Grace went to the hospital to give birth, she thought that she was expecting twins. This would have been enough of a challenge as Grace and her husband were already struggling to care for their existing family on a low income.

But when Grace gave birth to triplets, Ben, Bryan and Billy, the hospital social workers were concerned that the family might not be able to cope. The babies were at risk of being placed in an orphanage where they would have grown up neglected and isolated. They might not have been allowed to grow up together or even told that they were brothers.

The authorities made contact with Hope and Homes for Children’s partner organisation in Uganda, Child’s i Foundation, who provided a range of support for the family. This included paying for the triplets’ medical bills, milk and food as well as giving Grace and her husband training in parenting, nutrition and hygiene. This support gave Grace the confidence to keep her family together.

“Even though I was up against the wall, there was no way that I was going to give up my children to an orphanage,” she says.

Triplets and Grace2

We also helped the family to set up two small businesses – one selling charcoal and another selling homemade chapattis and samosas to children on their way to school. This has increased their household income and made them feel more confident about the future.

Ben, Bryan and Billy are now over a year old and they are thriving. They do everything together. Grace says if one of the boys dozes off, moments later all three will be asleep. They love to play with cars and Grace says that they can be very noisy. She hopes that in the future her sons will go to school and college, get good jobs and buy real cars of their own so that they can take her out for a drive at the weekend.

Watch the short film below for more details of their story.

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