09 July 2018

Danger of orphanages highlighted by flagship BBC radio programme

Mai in Kampala

The urgent need to close orphanages and find loving families for children in Uganda comes under the spotlight in the most recent edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme, “From Our Own Correspondent”.

In the broadcast, introduced by Hope and Homes for Children’s patron, Kate Adie, journalist Helen Nianias tells the story of a young woman called Mai and how she rescued a baby girl, abandoned on the streets of the Ugandan capital, Kampala.  As a result, Mai discovered first-hand how some Uganda orphanages operate for profit, instead of in the best interests of children.

Helen Nianias met Mai when she visited Hope and Homes for Children’s projects in Uganda, to see the work being carried out as a result of our End the Silence UK Aid appeal, to close orphanages and drive child protection reform across East Africa.

You can hear Mai’s story by clicking on programme image below (fast forward to 13.00 to listen):