03 September 2018

Hope and Homes for Children shortlisted for Allen & Overy’s Global Charity Partnership scheme

We are delighted to announce that Hope and Homes for Children has been shortlisted as a potential charity partner by leading international law firm, Allen & Overy.

The company’s Global Charity Partnership scheme brings together the skills and resources of one of the world’s largest law firms to make a lasting impact on the work of a single charity. The partnership is worth over £1 million over two years and brings with it significant pro bono support.

Two other respected NGOs, UNHCR and Action Against Hunger, have also been shortlisted. The winner will be decided by a staff vote over the next two weeks.

If Hope and Homes for Children is successful, this partnership would empower us to tackle a hidden global crisis.

All around the world, vulnerable families are deceived into giving up their children to an exploitative orphanage economy. These children are neglected, abused, paraded for tourist money, forced into labour and trafficked for sex; all for profit.

The situation in Nepal and India is critical. The UN estimates that over 200,000 Nepalese girls already work in India’s sex industry with a further 20,000 children from Nepal at risk of trafficking every year.

For 25 years Hope & Homes for Children has led the movement to end the abuse of orphanages and deliver what all children need: the love and protection of a family.

Allen & Overy has already made a significant contribution to our work in South Africa, enabling us to begin a pioneering province-wide orphanage closure programme, well ahead of schedule.

If we are chosen as the firm’s next Global Charity Partner, we will work together to rescue children from Nepalese and Indian orphanages, reunite them with their families and reform the child protection system to protect thousands more.

If you are an Allen & Overy employee, please vote for Hope and Homes for Children as your next Global Charity Partner before September 17th.

Together we can reunite thousands of children with their families and tackle the root causes of a hidden global injustice.