24 April 2020

Global law firm extends charity partnership to keep children safe in families through pandemic

Staff and partners at the leading international law firm, Allen & Overy, have taken the unprecedented step of extending their Global Charity Partnership with Hope and Homes for Children to provide extra support for our work during the Coronavirus crisis.

Mihai happy with a sweet treat

Allen & Overy’s support for our work is helping to keep Mihai in Moldova and other vulnerable children around the world, safe at home with their families through the pandemic.

For children in vulnerable families around the world, Coronavirus is not just a health crisis, it places them in danger of losing loving homes and childhoods to the neglect of orphanages.

Children already confined to orphanages, especially those with disabilities, face increased levels of abuse, harm and infection due to staff shortages.

Allen & Overy’s partners and employees chose Hope and Homes for Children to be their Global Charity Partner for two years in September 2018. Now the firm has generously decided to extend the partnership by ten months to July 2021.

“The children and families that Hope and Homes for Children helps are even more vulnerable as a result of the virus. The extension will give us the opportunity to see through a number of fundraising and pro bono initiatives that have been postponed or cancelled as a result of Covid-19 at a time when supporting charities is increasingly important”, said Kate Cavelle, Head of Pro Bono and Community Investment at Allen & Overy.

The generosity and commitment of Allen & Overy’s partners and staff so far, means that they have already beaten their original goal of raising £1 million to support our work.

Nearly 900 people from 39 different Allen & Overy offices around the world took part in the firm’s First Hour, First Day campaign in January, when employees were invited to donate the equivalent of their first hour or day’s salary to support Hope and Homes for Children. This year’s event raised an extraordinary £418,000, taking the partnership’s fundraising total to a game-changing £1.148 million.


“This year’s [First Hour, First Day] event raised an extraordinary £418,000, taking the partnership’s fundraising total to a game-changing £1.148 million”


“We have been blown away by Allen & Overy’s unwavering support” said Hope and Homes for Children’s CEO, Mark Waddington. “We want to thank them for extending our partnership, until July 2021. Our work would not be possible without them. From all of us at Hope and Homes for Children—our utmost thanks.”

Approximately £500,000 of the funds raised so far are being spent in India and Nepal, where Hope and Homes for Children and its partners are tackling the root causes of orphanage confinement and family separation. The additional money generated by the partnership will be available to support our wider work around the world, ensuring every child can grow up in a safe, loving family. This flexible funding is especially valuable now, as it means we can allocate money to where it’s most needed.

“Allen & Overy’s support has never been needed more”, Mark Waddington confirmed, “as our colleagues on the ground rapidly adapt and create new ways to ensure that some of the most vulnerable children and their families are not forgotten or put at extreme risk in this time of global crisis. We’ve been advising families to stay at home and respect the Coronavirus quarantine rules. But to stay at home, you must have one. That’s why our team is doing its best to support those who need us now more than ever.”


“We’ve been advising families to stay at home and respect the Coronavirus quarantine rules. But to stay at home, you must have one.”


Beyond even their vital fundraising potential, corporate partnerships, like the very special one that we enjoy with Allen & Overy, have the power to transform the work of Hope and Homes for Children.

By providing valuable pro bono support and access to networks that allow us to influence and push for change in a strategic way and by raising the profile of our work with new audiences to increase awareness of the harm of orphanages, Allen & Overy is helping us drive sustainable change for children at a global level.

By extending its partnership with us now, Allen & Overy has made it possible for us to continue to harness its global expertise for key pro bono projects, including work to develop a landmark legal model to reform safeguarding of children everywhere. This has the potential to create a legacy for the partnership of transforming the lives of millions of children worldwide.