27 March 2018

Closed. Romanian orphanage marks 104th closure

Our mission to eliminate institutional care of children continues to gain momentum, with the closure of the Veniamin Costache orphanage in Romania.

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In February, our team in Romanian completed the closure of the Veniamin Costache orphanage in Iasi County. This is our first institution closure in this part of Romania and our 104th institution closure overall.

As with every orphanage that closes, shutting Veniamin Costache will increase the momentum for reform and lead to further closures in the region.

Over the two year period of the closure programme, 65 children from Veniamin Costache have either been safely reunited with their birth families or placed with foster families.

Romania is just one of the 28 countries across the world where Hope and Homes for Children is either working directly to close orphanages or to influence the move away from institutional care. Read more about our work in Romania below, or follow Hope and Homes for Children Romania’s facebook page.

Hope and Homes for Children has been working to eradicate orphanages across Romania since 1998. Over the last 20 years, Romania has made huge strides in reforming its child protection system. Prior to this, there were over 100,000 children living in institutions across the country. Today, there are under 7,200 children living in 163 institutions; a fall of over 90%. Hope and Homes for Children is working with the Romanian Government to close all remaining orphanages by 2026.

Since 1998 Hope and Homes for Children has succeeded in directly closing 31 orphanages for children. We have developed a range of initiatives to strengthen families, including a network of day centres, emergency reception centres, mother and baby units and community centres. For children who are unable to return to their biological families, we have developed a number of alternative care services including foster care, small group homes, young adult support services, specialist emergency services and family-based care for children with special needs. To date, we have successfully worked with over 7,500 children and their families and helped create the conditions for reforming the child protection system across Romania.

Over the years, 7,500 participants in our specialist training programmes were equipped with the knowledge and skills to support the deinstitutionalisation process and to work with children and families. As a global centre of expertise, our Romanian training team have supported the development of new training programmes throughout Europe, Africa and Latin America.

We have worked closely with government and civil society in the development of policy, service standards and national action plans to underpin and consolidate reform of the child protection system.