Leave a legacy

When you make your Will, your first priority will be to provide for your own family. But if you believe, like us, that every child deserves a family and a future, please consider what a difference a gift in your Will could make.

We are so grateful to people who choose to support us in this way and give us the certainty to forge ahead with our work in the years to come.

“I was lucky enough to grow up in a secure and loving home, but things could have been very different, just as they are for orphaned and abandoned children struggling to face a tough world, alone and unloved.

When I left a gift in my Will to Hope and Homes for Children I knew that this would enable children to have their deepest wishes granted – to become part of a family they could call their own.”

Barbara Anderson, Hope and Homes for Children supporter.

If you decide to include a gift in your Will, or you have any questions about this do contact us. The best way to make or amend a Will is through your solicitor but please contact us if you have any further questions.

Get in touch

Please call Joe Sutton on 01722 790111 or email Joe if you would like more information. Alternatively you can write to Joe at the address below.

Making and changing your Will is clearly a private matter. But if you are willing to keep us informed about any decision relating to Hope and Homes for Children, we would greatly appreciate it and it would give us a chance to say thank you.

Send any enquiries to:
Joe Sutton, Hope and Homes for Children, FREEPOST SO6058, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 4BF