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Get Involved: Sell Stuff Online

Selling unwanted items online or at a car boot sale is a great way of sustainably decluttering; and when you donate the proceeds you are helping to transform the lives of vulnerable children. You can also donate while you shop. What better excuse do you need!

Get Inspired!

"As our children grow up, every now and then, we need a big clear-out! We took all their unwanted things to a car boot and donated the money. It was really satisfying to see our kids' books and games find new homes, and to know this would help other children find real homes with families to love them."

"We use Amazon Smile every time we place an order because it’s so simple and means Amazon will donate 0.5% to Hope and Homes on all eligible products. The prices are the same and last year Hope and Homes received £811!"

Ideas for stuff you can sell and how to donate when you buy

It’s a great feeling to rediscover forgotten treasures, or simply to have a sort out of old toys, books and clothes. It’s an even better feeling to sell those unwanted items and donate the proceeds so more children get the chance to grow up in families.

Clothes & toys

Selling clothes online is quick and easy, and great for the environment. And selling toys your children no longer play with is a great way of decluttering too. And when you donate the proceeds you are transforming children’s lives forever at the same time.

Give while you shop

Many online shops offer the chance to donate to your favourite charity when you shop with them –Amazon Smile and Ebay are just two. What better excuse do you need!

Get crafty

Sell gorgeous handmade items, from knitted Christmas decorations to children’s clothes and donate all or a percentage of your profits.

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