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22 October World Gaming Day

Date: 22 October 

Cost: Free to register 

This World Gaming Day, why not Game for Good and help us fight for every child to feel the love and belonging of a safe family home?  

Today, over 5.4 million children are trapped within harmful orphanages – help us change this by: 

  1. Signing up and setting a fundraising target 
  2. Hosting your World Gaming Day event (this can be online or in person!) 
  3. Fundraising for Hope and Homes for Children 

What is World Gaming Day? 

World Gaming Day is all about playing video games and raising money for charity. Grab some snacks, get comfortable and enjoy a day of gaming – all for a good cause. 

How do I sign up for World Gaming Day? 

You can sign up to raise money for Hope and Homes for Children by completing the form below.

Sign up for World Gaming Day

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How do I host my World Gaming Day? 

Step 1 

Fill in your form and set up your fundraising page via JustGiving or Tilify

Step 2 

Send your video invite to your friends and followers and ask them to donate £10 to join 

Step 3 

Get in the drinks and snacks and have a fun-filled Gaming Day 


After your event, add any extra money you’ve raised to your JustGiving page 

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