Date: 12-18 June

Location: Virtual event

Registration fee: Free

Walk or run 5.4km a day to help us get One Step Closer to making sure the 5.4 million children trapped in orphanages worldwide get the chance to grow up with safe, loving families. 

Lace up your trainers or dust off your hiking boots, and take on the challenge of running or walking 5.4km every day in the week leading up to Father’s Day to help give the 5.4 million children trapped in orphanages worldwide the Home Advantage they deserve. 

Every kilometre you walk, and pound you raise, will help support our Home Advantage Campaign and get us One Step Closer to ending the use of orphanages for good. Because children need families, never orphanages.

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About our Home Advantage Campaign 

Athletes do better when they play somewhere familiar, with a home crowd of friends and family cheering them on. In sport, that’s known as Home Advantage.  

But Home Advantage is critical for children, too. Every child needs to grow up with a sense of belonging and the support of a family. That Home Advantage gives children the chance to grow up happy and healthy and to chase their dreams. 

But 5.4 million children worldwide are denied this, confined in loveless orphanages away from home. And shockingly, 8 in 10 children in orphanages still have family who could take care of them, with the right support. And the rest could have loving foster families.  

By running or walking 5.4km a day between 12-18 June, you can support our Home Advantage campaign and help drive the change needed to end orphanages for good. 

How much do I need to raise? 

It’s free to sign-up for this challenge, and there is no minimum sponsorship requirement, but we will send you some exciting prizes when you reach your fundraising goals.

£45 – Yellow Heart Pin Badge 

By raising £45, you could cover the average cost for one month for a family support worker to be active in the community 

£100 – Hope and Homes for Children T-Shirt

£100 could provide art or music therapy and counselling support for two pre-school children from a country like Ukraine, to help them recover from trauma.

£158 – One Step Closer Medal

By raising £158, you could ensure a family at risk of separation has all they need to stay together like emergency rent assistance, access to medicine or help to find a job 

How do I sign up?  

To sign up, all you need to do is fill in the form above, set up your JustGiving page and get fundraising! If you have any questions, you can email Catherine at