Fundraising tools

Fundraising tools


Fundraising guide

We can send you our fundraising guide that has a host of ideas and materials to support your fundraising.

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Request a Hope and Homes for Children Talk

Do you want to learn more about Hope and Homes for Children? We know we will only realise our vision of a world in which children no longer suffer in orphanages by working with others. Through our many partnerships we are building a global movement dedicated to eradicating orphanages in our lifetime. We believe that with your support this really is possible to achieve. To find out more, request one of our ambassadors from our speaker network to give a talk on our work and how you and your group can help.

Request a Hope and Homes for Children Talk


Fundraise online

Reach more people and save time chasing sponsors and collecting Gift Aid by raising money online. Our preferred site is JustGiving as they provide fantastic support including a free text donation service for every page set up. See JustTextGiving for more information.


Pledge Your Birthday

Pledge Your Birthday is a tool giving your friends and family the opportunity to donate the money they were planning to spend on your presents or a party to Hope and Homes for Children. It’s easy to do. Just visit Pledge Your Birthday for more information and to set-up a fundraising page. We will use all the money you raise to make sure that children have the chance to celebrate their birthdays, surrounded by people who love them. And afterwards we will send you a Story of Hope to share with your supporters by way of a thank you.


Event materials

We have a whole host of adjustable templates which you can adapt to your needs. From a template poster and invitation to a ticket and thank you certificate, there’s something for everyone. Contact us and we can send you all the event materials you need to get you started.

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Staying safe

We want you to stay safe and on the right side of the law when you’re fundraising, so please take the time to read our advice.


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